Founded in 2004, iQlaser was one of the first companies locally to introduce 3D scanning for large-scale developments such as mines, tunnels or buildings.

The company represents several world-renowned 3D measuring equipment and software brands such as FARO, Geodetic, Geomagic, senseFly and Werth. Our products have been carefully selected to complement each other, bringing you the best possible combination at the best price.

We supply and service the equipment as well as train your staff.

Our engineers specialise in complete system integration in respect of any 3D measuring application. They are kept up-to-date with the latest technologies by regularly attending courses run by our principals.

Spotlight on:

Equipment Sale

Equipment Sale

Going at a competitive price

We have limited demo equipment for sale which will be shipped on a first-come-first-served basis once we have received the latest models.

Take advantage of our excellent value-for-money offers.

FARO Quantum Max Arm

FARO Quantum Max Arm

The all-new Quantum Max FaroArm with Multiple Laser Line Probes

What if you could capture every measurement of a complex part, tool or mold just by touching it?

You can — with the Quantum Max FaroArm, the world’s leading portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

FARO Gage Max Arm

FARO Gage Max Arm

The new Gage Max is FARO's most affordable 3D CMM

Ideal for small-size, high-accuracy tasks, the Gage Max is the most intuitive, ergonomic and versatile articulated portable CMM, enabling machine shops to meet their most demanding quality specifications.

FreeScan UE: Special Offer

FreeScan UE: Special Offer

Valid until Dec 15 - 2021

Freescan UE 7/UE 11 Ex-Demo units on offer at very attractive prices.

Ergonomic and lightweight, the FreeScan UE is easy to hold and operate, providing metrology-grade, high-accuracy inspection solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Also supports the scanning of black and reflective surfaces.



3D Laser Scanning Integration

In the past, the only way to use laser scanners for reality capture on a construction site was to assign a worker to the task. But today, you can send in the Boston Dynamics Spot Mobile Robot instead. Just walk Spot through the project once to record your scanning mission, and Spot can repeat it as needed for ongoing progress monitoring and quality checks. Spot works with any FARO FocusS Laser Scanner and relies on FARO Trek 3D Laser Scanning Integration to enable autonomous scanning.

Qube 240

Qube 240

A geomatics grade, high-speed scanning LiDAR

Until recently, LiDAR payloads were hardly affordable for SMEs due to their high cost.

The Qube 240 payload is a geomatics grade LiDAR Scanner for the Trinity F90+ UAS and allows up to 60 min of flight time.

It is offered as a complete solution, and includes YellowScan CloudStation Software pack, and license.

Our products include:

  • Optical Cmm's
  • Portable metrology equipment
  • 6 or 7 axis articulated measuring arms
  • Laser trackers
  • Laser scanners
  • Hand-held 2D & 3D scanners
  • 3D measuring systems
  • Professional SurveyingDrones - UAV's, hand-launched as well as VTOL
  • Industrial Photogrammetry
  • Inspection and 3D modelling and reverse engineering software
  • Scan data processing and point cloud software

Our services include:

Sales, Service and Training on all our products. Our highly skilled team will advise and help in the selection of the correct equipment and software for your specific project needs.

We also undertake specialised contract work under certain conditions. This enables us to offer a wide variety of services in support of design processes and special projects.

We only use the latest and most advanced equipment and software on the market, thereby ensuring that we deliver the best solutions for specific applications.


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