Founded in 2004, iQlaser was one of the first companies locally to introduce 3D scanning for large-scale developments such as mines, tunnels or buildings.

The company represents several world-renowned 3D measuring equipment and software brands such as FARO, Geodetic, Geomagic, senseFly and Werth. Our products have been carefully selected to complement each other, bringing you the best possible combination at the best price.

We supply and service the equipment as well as train your staff.

Our engineers specialise in complete system integration in respect of any 3D measuring application. They are kept up-to-date with the latest technologies by regularly attending courses run by our principals.

Spotlight on:

Equipment Sale

Equipment Sale

Going at a competitive price

We only demo the latest and most advanced equipment and software on the market.

Our current demo equipment is therefore on sale and will be shipped on a first-come-first-served basis once we have received the latest models.

Take advantage of our excellent value-for-money prices at last year's exchange rates.

FARO Software Sale

FARO Software Sale

This promotion runs until June 30, 2020

50% off  the following FARO Software

  • FARO SCENE 2018 - 1 Year Rental
  • As-Built for AutoCAD - 1 Year Rental
  • As-Built for Revit - 1 Year Rental
  • As-Built Suite - 1 Year Rental
  • BuildIT Construction - Subscription for 1 Year 
Upgrade to an eBee X today

Upgrade to an eBee X today

This promotion runs until July 31, 2020

Trade in your old senseFly drone and get up to $6500 off the price of an eBee X or eBee X with RTK activation.

Trade-in one of the following...

  • Swinglet CAM
  • eBee / eBee Ag (classic)
  • eBee SQ
  • albris
FARO Laser Scanning Trade-in

FARO Laser Scanning Trade-in

Trade in your current Laser Scanning Solution

Take advantage of the FARO Xchange Program and trade in your tired, out-of-date system from ANY BRAND, in exchange for the latest stateof- the-art FARO Laser Scanning Solution.

  • Any brand
  • Any product
  • Any Condition
Save up to 32% on our Ag 360 Solution!

Save up to 32% on our Ag 360 Solution!

This promotion runs until July 31, 2020

Ag 360 is a smart way to give your agriculture operations a boost.

This offer includes both the eBee SQ — a purpose-built agriculture drone that features a fully integrated multispectral camera, and a 1-year subscription to Pix4Dfields (desktop/cloud) photogrammetry software that helps tackle challenges in the field by turning your drone images into actionable insights.



This promotion runs until June 30, 2020

The all-new FARO® Gage is the most affordable and most accurate FaroArm ever produced.

The Gage portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is perfectly suited for small size, high-accuracy tasks and allows for confident 3D measurements across a wide range of machine shop and industrial applications

Introducing the Quantum 2in1

Introducing the Quantum 2in1

The 2in1 VTOL reconnaissance UAV

Used either as a VTOL fixed-wing, or a conventional copter, this 2in1 system offers the best of both worlds, defining the next generation in eVol UAV's. You only need one system to train on and to deploy on site.

Flexible and enduring, the Vector & Scorpion provide flight and surveillance characteristics that are exceeding performance of UAV platforms currently in service all over the world.

FARO Focus S Plus

FARO Focus S Plus

Fast and exact indoor and outdoor measurements in three dimensions

The new FARO Focus S Plus Scanner, allows increased scanning to a maximum speed of 2 million measurement points per second.

  • FocusS 350/350 Plus for long-range measurements up to 350m
  • FocusS 150/150 Plus for mid-range measurements up to 150m
  • FocusS 70 suitable for short-term measurements up to 70m
Surveying and Positioning

Surveying and Positioning

The first large scale application for high accuracy GNSS technology

The T300 Plus GNSS Receiver is a new generation RTK receiver featuring full-constellation tracking, tilt compensation, 4G/Wi-Fi connection, 8-GB internal memory and an easy survey workflow with Android-based Survey Master Software.

It is designed to make collecting accurate data easy and fast, whether done by a beginner or experienced professional surveyor.

Geodetic Photogrammetry

Geodetic Photogrammetry

Picture perfect measurements

V-STARS is a highly portable 3D coordinate measurement system which uses photography to accurately determine the position of retro reflective targets, hand held digitizing probes, and projected point clouds.

Available in single camera and multi-camera real-time measurement system configurations

senseFly Solar 360

senseFly Solar 360

Inspection in hours, not days

senseFly Solar 360 with Raptor Maps is a uniquely efficient thermal drone solution.

It enables companies that own, manage or maintain solar assets, or drone service providers, to assess the performance of solar plants at a sub-module level. This process is quick, easy and does not require piloting skills or the manual review of aerial data.

COVID-19 Communication

COVID-19 Communication

iQlaser strategy

During the South African COVID-19 lockdown, iQlaser is able to provide support and equipment to Essential & Permitted Service Providers.

You can reach us via your contact person. Alternatively, email us or call our office number +27 11 659 0346 during office hours: 08h00 to 16h30 Mondays to Fridays.

For emergencies, please contact Wolf Seitz on +27 11 4552346 or +27 83 251 4358.

Our products include:

  • Optical Cmm's
  • Portable metrology equipment
  • 6 or 7 axis articulated measuring arms
  • Laser trackers
  • Laser scanners
  • Hand-held 2D & 3D scanners
  • 3D measuring systems
  • Professional SurveyingDrones - UAV's, hand-launched as well as VTOL
  • Industrial Photogrammetry
  • Inspection and 3D modelling and reverse engineering software
  • Scan data processing and point cloud software

Our services include:

Sales, Service and Training on all our products. Our highly skilled team will advise and help in the selection of the correct equipment and software for your specific project needs.

We also undertake specialised contract work under certain conditions. This enables us to offer a wide variety of services in support of design processes and special projects.

We only use the latest and most advanced equipment and software on the market, thereby ensuring that we deliver the best solutions for specific applications.