Point-cloud Software

FARO As-Built Solutions

Industry-specific solutions for the efficient conversion of reality capture data into parametric models


The FARO As-BuiltTM platform delivers powerful generic and industry specific functionality for easy, precise, seamless and efficient evaluation of reality capture data inside AutoCAD Software and Autodesk Revit design tools.

The platform consists of two software options and one bundle solution*, including all-in-one functionality:

  • As-Built for AutoCAD Software
  • As-Built for Autodesk Revit
  • As-Built Suite*

The As-Built platform is the new generation of formerly known FARO PointSense products. As-Built for AutoCAD Software offers merged functionality of the AutoCAD based Plug-Ins: PointSense, PhoToPlan, TachyCAD, DistToPlan, hylasFM, MonuMap. As-Built for Autodesk Revit includes powerful PointSense for Revit functionality.



As-Built for Revit




Click here to download As-Built for Autocad Tech Sheet
Click here to download As-Built for Revit Tech Sheet