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Geomagic Control

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Automating inspection processes using data from portable metrology devices


Geomagic Control is a comprehensive inspection automation platform for streamlining in-line and repetitive inspection processes that use 3D scanners and other portable metrology devices. With this feature-rich software platform, you can easily program CAD comparisons, GD&T and go/no-go operations to be performed automatically on any type of part.

  • Built for Point Clouds and Probing
  • Works Seamlessly with your CAD Files
  • Fast, Accurate Reporting
  • Robust GD&T Functionality
  • Automation for Faster, More Reliable Inspection

3D Metrology Solution

Scan-to-CAD Comparison


Section-Based Analysis

Alignment for Mining - Mills




Geomagic Control delivers the highest accuracy, speed and comprehensive, automated reporting on the quality of as-built parts for first-article inspection, production inspection, and supplier management using CMM and laser scanning tools. The software delivers CAD importer tools and airfoil analysis at no charge to help manufacturers rapidly increase product and manufacturing quality, identify process issues and build productivity. Advanced GD&T, probing and dimensional inspection functions enable fast and precise measurement of parts, and Geomagic Control includes intelligent creation of reports in 3D PDF

Make Inspection Work for You
Eliminate workarounds and don’t miss a single detail. With Geomagic Control, you can create and run purpose-built inspection processes that do exactly what you need.

Inspect Anything More Efficiently

If you’re inspecting parts or components, Geomagic Control eliminates extraneous or wasteful processes. Reduce waste, avoid production errors down the line, free-up personnel, and have critical systems up and running faster with Geomagic Control’s single, stable, fully customizable platform.

Speed Up Manufacturing and Assembly

Geomagic Control’s powerful scripting and customization capabilities let you move faster than one-size-fits-all inspection solutions or manual processes. Geomagic Control can handle the heavy lifting of point cloud processing and analysis, as well as run 3D scanners, robots and other components.

Harness the Power of 3D Scanning
Geomagic Control was built from the ground up to maximize the capabilities of popular contact and non-contact metrology devices, handling millions of measured points along with the unique alignment and measurement methods that point clouds require. So you can reliably have more complete part views and better control of complex shapes.

Inspect with Confidence

You rely on your inspection results. That is why Geomagic Control’s geometry calculation algorithms have been tested by America’s NIST, Britain’s NPL and independently certified by Germany’s PTB metrology authority as Class 1 accuracy. Top manufacturers around the world trust Geomagic Control to measure thousands of parts every day.



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