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Geomagic Control X

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Geomagic Control X is a comprehensive metrology software platform that delivers the industry’s most powerful tools within straightforward workflows.

  • Scan registration, merging, clean-up, and other pre-inspection processes can now be designed and automated within Geomagic Control X.
  • Quickly identify and measure surface deviation, including dents, corrosion, and other types of wear
  • Automatic measurements allow for quick and turn-key inspection
  • Create profile measurements both automatically, or using custom methods (Includes Twist Analysis)
  • Multi-Alignment Inspection capability allows you to create repeatable inspection routines that require measurement in different alignment environments
  • Workflow-driven processes, walk-up probing for greater productivity
  • Enhanced user interface enabling even faster workflows and more efficient inspection.
  • File import capabilities provide the latest connectivity to scanning devices and improved CAD importing on even the most challenging reference models
  • CAD-aware dimensioning, PMI Support and comprehensive GD&T callouts
  • Custom reporting delivers flexibility

Geomagic Control
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Geomagic Control
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