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FARO CAM2 Measure 10 Software

Portable CMM measurement software


FARO’s CAM2 Measure 10 is an inspection software package that allows you to complete 3D measurement jobs quickly and gives you the freedom to measure as required by your application.

State-of-the-art functionality improves every measuring and scanning process.


CAM2 Measure 10 First Article Inspection

CAM2 Measure 10 and Point Cloud Inspection


CAM2 Measure GD&T Tutorial

CAM2 10 Smart Naming




Live Colour Scan
CAM2 Measure 10 users are able to quickly scan freeform parts using the ScanArm in a way never seen before. Users see a live colour map of deviations from their CAD model as the part is being scanned, increasing efficiency during the scan process

Create new commands to obtain measurement data that can only be obtained through a series of steps involving measurements and constructions. Shortcuts enable you to record all the steps in a complex measurement sequence into a command that can later be accessed with a single mouse click.


Easy Move Wizard
The Easy Move Wizard is a great assistance when measuring large parts where the need to reposition the device is often necessary to complete a measurement. The complexity of finding the correct target correspondence is taken away from the operator, cutting down on the time required for the repositioning while also removing the risk of human error.

Repeated Part Measurement
Measurement of multiple parts can be simplified using QuickTools programming. Develop part programs quickly by recording the steps in the first measurement. Later add pictures to the measurement steps to provide easy graphical instructions for the operators.


Remote measurement
With the CAM2 Measure 10 Remote Apple App, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners can measure remotely by communicating with their CAM2 Measure 10 via Wi-Fi.



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