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HDI Advance R3x 3D Scanner

Best Combination of Speed, Accuracy and Performance at an Affordable Price

The High Definition Imaging (HDI) 3D Scanners create digital 3D models from physical objects in seconds. These 3D scanning systems are great for industrial applications that need complex 3D measurements for visualization, inspection, and rapid prototyping. The HDI 3D Scanners use white light technology (also known as structured-light) that capture the full view of the object at the press of a button in less than one second.


Demonstrating the 3D Scanning Process

360 Degree 3D Scanning
with Automatic Merging 


3D Scanner HDI Advance R3x

3D Face Scanning at Siggraph 2011



    • Camera’s: A pair of 2.8MP Monochrome USB 3.0 cameras with 3MP 12mm lenses
    • Scan Speed: 0.88seconds
    • Resolution:
      Average Points: 2.6million per scan
      Average Polygons: 5.2millon per scan
    • Point to Point Distance:
      0.075mm (200mm diagonal view)
      0.165mm (400mm diagonal view)
      0.250mm (600mm diagonal view)
    • Field of view:
      Adjustable field of view to scan objects of different shapes and sizes: Presets 200mm, 400mm and 600 diagonal
    • Accuracy:
      200mm diagonal field of view: 0.045mm
      400mm diagonal field of view: 0.075mm
      600mm diagonal field of view: 0.105mm


Dimensional Analysis
Capture measurements quickly, do inspections and ensure proper tolerances
First Article Inspection
Ensure first article parts meet design specifications and tolerances
Reverse Engineering
Create fully surfaced CAD models of design concepts or replacement parts
Rapid Prototyping
Create digital 3D models from physical objects in seconds
Easily capture point cloud data of complex / free-form shapes without contact


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