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FARO Edge ScanArm HD

FARO provides a competitive all-in-one metrology solution

The FARO Edge ScanArm HD combines the flexibility and the functionalities of a FARO Edge measuring Arm with the high-definition Laser Line Probe HD creating a powerful contact/non-contact portable measurement system ideal for challenging application requirements. 

The FARO Edge ScanArm HD delivers rapid point cloud collection with extreme resolution and high accuracy without any special coatings or target placement – all in a compact and easy-to-use system.


Laser ScanArm Training Video

Reverse Engineering & Inspecting with the FARO Laser ScanArm

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Ultrafast Rim Inspection




The FARO ScanArm adds unparalleled non-contact measurement capabilities to your FaroArm.

The ScanArm is a seven-axis contact/non-contact measurement system with a fully integrated laser scanner. It enables users to collect simple point variations with the FaroArm's hard probe, then laser scan sections requiring larger volumes of data.

Get maximum data handling, accuracy, and efficiency in one combined package.

  • Accuracy ±25µ (±.001 in.)
  • Scan Rate 280 frames/second, 280fps x 2,000 points/line = 560,000 points/sec


Non-Contact Inspection
Easily capture point cloud data of complex / free-form shapes without contact
Reverse Engineering
Create fully surfaced CAD models of design concepts or replacement parts
CAD-based inspection
Quickly identify deviations from nominal CAD data with 3D metrology
Crime Scene Analysis
Quickly gather evidence in 3D for crime scene analysis
Virtual Simulation
Virtualise entire sets, characters and objects for use in film and video


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